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Helping leaders become the best version of themselves.

My name is Kaleth Wright, and I am an organizational leadership consultant, executive coach, and professional speaker. I have an outstanding track record of helping organizations achieve peak performance through training and mentoring executives in the art of servant leadership and motivating multi-generational teams across cultures and geographies.

How I Can Help You

executive coaching, leadership development, public speaking

In my coaching program, I partner with clients to help stimulate the creative process so they can be inspired to maximize their personal and professional potential.

executive coaching, leadership development, public speaking

My consulting practice was built with leaders in mind. I assist people leaders in developing strategies for their organization’s leadership structure and development programs.

executive coaching, leadership development, public speaking

I am passionate about public speaking to audiences of all sizes - live or virtually. The topics I focus on are leadership, diversity, organizational change culture and resiliency.

Affiliates & Friends

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Dr. Kevin Basik




Dr. Robin McClure


Evoke Development



Pilgrim Pro


Managing Director

SNR Creative


Todd Simmons


Courageous Leadership Alliance, INC.


Geoff Woods

Co-founder & President

The ONE Thing

Past Clients

What Clients Say...

"Meeting Kaleth completely changed my trajectory. After he assessed my talents, weaknesses, and capabilities, he firmly guided me toward my destiny. He was direct, kind, and unyielding in holding me to the goals we set together..." - Daira H.

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