In my coaching program, I partner with clients to help stimulate the creative process so they can be inspired to maximize their personal and professional potential.
My consulting practice was built with leaders in mind. I assist people leaders in developing strategies for their organization’s leadership structure and development programs.
I am passionate about public speaking to audiences of all sizes - live or virtually. The topics I focus on are leadership, diversity, organizational change culture and resiliency.
My most successful coaching clients tend to be people who fall into one of the following categories:
  • Career transitions
  • Professional pivots
  • Leadership optimization
Average engagement length: 3-6 months
I consult teams and assist them in assessing their organization - people, culture, processes. My aim is to ensure proper organization-wide strategic direction, alignment and commitment.
I typically engage with leadership teams, from CEOs to frontline managers, in workshop, retreat, and company-wide meeting settings.
I'm passionate about public speaking, and when I get the opportunity to stand at the podium, I aim to deliver insightful, impactful, action-oriented messages. I want to empower my audiences to tap into their full potential and lead from wherever they may find themselves in their organization and in the world.
The topics I speak about most often are: leadership, diversity, organizational change culture and resilience.
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